Questions and Answers

Q. Which beach are your properties on in Destin?
A. Destin, East to West, is only 10 miles long. The beach is the same beach the entire length of Destin. People have begun to label them according to a certain housing community in the vicinity or name of an area nearby.

Q. How far away is the beach?
A. All of our homes are a few paces, to one half block and some 1 block to the beach. This means about a 1 to 5 minute max, easy walk. All our homes provide a wagon to pull a couple kids or your beach items.

Q. Are sheets and towels provided?
A. Yes, but we do not provide beach towels.

Q. Are soaps, toilet paper and trash liners provided?
A. Yes, but upon arrival only. 1 soap per shower and sink, 2 rolls of TP and liners per trash can.

Q. Where is the closest grocery store?
A. Destin is only 10 miles east to west, so anything you need, as far as groceries, shopping, restaurants, churches, and fun is within a mile or a few minutes max. Super WalMart is 3 miles west of us. Publix is a mile north. WinnDixie is a mile or so east.

Q. Is the Gulf of Mexico water really as clear as they say and sand as white?
A. Yes, fill your tub up, step in, look down, see your toes?…that’s how clear it is, unless its a windy day and the water is a bit stirred up. Be sure to bring your snorkels or buy them when you get here.

Q. Where is the nearest airport?
A. Okaloosa Airport is 17 miles away, Pensacola is about 60 miles and Panama City is about 55 miles. May be a bit more in time, depending on traffic.

Q. How are the beds configured in each home?
A. See each home on my site, it has the configuration there.

Q. Why do we charge a damage deposit and when do you get it back?
A. We figure we trust you with a million dollar home, you can trust us with a few hundred bucks…..just a bit of insurance that you will take care of the home. You’d be surprised how many people tell us how CLEAN and neat they are and how they’ll take care of the home……aaaand…..they leave the place a pig-sty and many times damage the property….so we have to protect ourselves. 99.9% of the time all is well and we mail a check out a couple days after you check-out.

Q. Do you rent to school/college groups, or groups with chaperones?
A. Last year alone they did millions of dollars worth of damage to our homes and beautiful town during “spring break”… the answer is usually no, but occasionally we consider a group.

Q. Do you allow weddings or receptions?
A. No.

Q. Why can’t I bring my pet?
A. Everyone thinks their pet is THE best……you know the old cliché “love is blind”?……..pets do cause many problems…not just in the home, but to neighboring homes as well. Sorry.

Q. How old are your homes.
A. Most are brand new and if not brand new….totally renovated within the past 2 years.

Q. Can I see the water?
A. No, But rather than pay for a beach front home for $10,000. or more a week, yikes!… stay with us, save thousands of dollars and just walk a few paces or the most a block!

Q. Is the pool heated?
A.  No, Heaters usually cost guests between $250-$350 So in order to keep our prices fair we have opted to stay away from heated pools.

Q.  How deep is your pool and does it have child safety gates?
A.  All our lovely, new pools are 3 feet at the shallow end and 5 to 6 feet at the deep end. By Florida law we have to have a child safety lock on all fences.

Q. Are we handicap accessible?
A. 2 of our private homes are, however we do rent to many folks that are handicapped.

Q. Do we have to clean before we check-out?
A. Cleaning is not necessary but there is a courtesy list on the fridge with about ten things we ask…..things like: take out the garbage before leaving, if furniture is re-arranged, please put it back in order, bundle sheets and towels by washing machine, etc, etc…..just simple courtesy’s…..the more you do, the less we have to do, and that makes us soooooo happy.

Q. What about refunds if the weather gets bad?
A. We do not give refunds. Bad weather doesn’t happen as often as the news trys to make out, but people seem a bit more fearful these days and some panic at the sign of a mild wind. We personally, have never left during one single hurricane yet….and we live on the water. We suggest you go to one of these sites and purchase Travel Protection. It runs about $200. for the vacation: “,, AIG Travel Guard or CSA Travel Protection.

Q. Do you provide high chairs, baby gates and pac-n-plays?
A. Yes some homes.

Q. Do you provide beach chairs and umbrellas?
A. No, but many times if you are coming after May, guests have been here already and left them. But they are very reasonably priced at WalMart or the souvenir shops here.

Q. Do we need to take care of the pool?
A. No. We live here in town and come a couple mornings a week, veeeeeery early, most likely just at daybreak so as not to disturb you, and take care of it.

Q.  How do we reserve if we decide we like the home?
A. Half of rent is due up front to secure home. 47 days before check-in we expect the balance. Once we work out all the particulars and you have put a check in the mail, or paid with credit card, and we receive it, we will E-mail you confirmation. We don’t have a formal 10 page contract like a lot of these big companies. We are a small mom&pop type deal. We really try to keep things simple in this complicated world.

Q. Do we charge a cleaning fee?
A. Yes, only $100. – $300. But this doesn’t mean the home may be left in a mess. The 10 things on the “courtesy check-out list” left hanging on the refridgerator, must be done before leaving in order to get the damage deposit(seperate from the cleaning fee) back.

Q. How do I know I can trust you with my deposit?
A. We have been in the business for over 2 years now. We are members of the Chamber of Commerce. Go to any of my sites and at the bottom of the page….it says we’ve been a member since such and such date. If we were “scheisters”, they certainly wouldn’t have let us remain a member…in good standing…for over 10 years. And also, Destin is a small town….and the Chamber certainly would have caught on by now.

Q. Can we pay by credit card?
A. Yes, but it has to be through PayPal. Go to my site here and click onto the PayNow button. It’s very simple….and you’ll need to add an extra 3% on top of whatever you send.

Q. Do you have a “pet peeve”?
Yes, people NOT reading the details of our website! We spend HOURS & HOURS building these websites with all this information and it would save all of us hours of time if folks would take 3 minutes to read it. And one question that bugs us is when someone asks for references from past customers…….first, we don’t give out past clients info of any sort……and second……….if you’ll give us the phone number of your in-laws, pastor and/or your children and they all give us a glowing report about you, then we might consider sending you some references. Nobody satisfies everyone all the time. At times things do come up that are unexpected…..from both our sides. We try to be as flexible and accommodating as we can……if you do the same we will all have some great vacation memories!